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(Social) Evolution is the necessity that mothers invention. We use art, design & strategy to push industrial envelopes, while improving the human experience through client projects and a few great works of our own.


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We provide creative direction for social impact businesses, projects and campaigns. In the emerging trend of philanthrocapitalism, we innovate ways to meet revenue quotas, while finding solutions for previously ignored external factors namely those of a social-economic nature.

Regional Economic Development

Through our sister companies, we provide creative strategy solutions to foreign governments of emerging countries.

A Brief Look at
Select Projects
Project Decks:

We partnered with Tulsie Ram Issurdutt, of Tri-Star Airlines, to solve a several billion-dollar hemorrhage in Guyanese aviation. Their air traffic is serviced by airlines headquartered in other Caribbean countries with larger populations. Thereby leaving over 90% of their flights under seating capacity. The solution came by way of Issurdutt’s relationship with Bomardier, who offered teh Guyanese government a deep discount on a fleet of air crafts. A7 created an investment deck to invite venture capitalists into this lucrative opportunity, strengthened by an investment safety net provided by the government of Canada, who wanted to see the deal go well.

View Air Guyana
Project Decks:

We partnered with Altruus Global to re-define social drinking. EVR will take its place among emerging non-alcoholic social-ready beverages. By fusing traditional Caribbean flora with modern design and a boundary-breaking merchandise plan, EVR supplies a growing demand, and inspires inspiration in unsuspecting areas of industry. As if, no alcohol, tons of swag and low sugar isn’t enough to turn heads, wait’ll you see the philanthro-capitalist awareness campaign set to launch at the top of 2021! Stay tuned…

A Social-Impact Brew? Yep!
Project Decks:

We partnered with Shepsology to create a Book, a new -ology, and envision the world’s first Kemetic Museum. The book, a 10-year endeavor, brings new anthropological insights to history’s most impactful and longstanding nation, that of Taui (Ancient Egypt). The “New Ology”, Shepsology, offers a novel approach to interpreting the previously daunting cultural account canonized in Kemetic Art, cultural tenets and literature.

A Book // A Museum // A New - ology...
Project Decks:

The neo-Kamitic brand, Ausaria, pays homage to ancient talismanic arts, adapting timeless cosmological thought to modern adornment.

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