A7 Team & Collaborators

A7 Studios collaborates with experts from Altruus Global and Future Current to bring cutting edge strategic thought and design to social impact ventures.

Enensa Amen
Creative Direction
Kenji Summers
Marketing Direction + Brand Strategy
Shantelle Amen
Project Management
Olivia Francois
Graphic Design + Videography
Garryl Beckford
Web Development
Sen Floyd
Photography + Videography
Jamila Hart
Graphic + Experience Design
Aqmeri Amen-Wint
Corporate Event Coordinator
Tyrrell Ulerie
(Altruus Global) Business Developement
Seshmi Maat
(Altruus Global) Financial Advisory
Windsey Antoine
(Altruus Global) Project Management
Rasheeda Frazier
(Altruus Global) Business Developement
Affiliate Companies
Planetary Self
by Everard Findlay
Regional Economic Development
Altruus Global
Social Economic Development (special interest in African continental infrastructural development)
Future Current
by Kenji Summers
“The Breakfast Club for Creatives on their way up”
Journey to Wealth
by Alicia Holmes
Financial Mastery for Women of Color
Synergy Business Development
by Nicole G. Valentine
Business Growth Strategy
(special interest in African continental investments).
Sen Floyd Productions
Photo, Video & Editing
Lebe Group
by Leon Bailey
Linking Experts to Municipal Project Opportunities
Business Seeds
Venture Capital Preparation
Appointment Only
Inquire: info@a7studios.com
Sleepless Nights on Dean Street.
Caffeine, Strategy & Inspiring Clients.
No Sleep til Altruism. Working tirelessly, making our contribution to social-economic progress.

Social evolution is the need that mothers invention. Using art, design & strategy to push industrial envelopes, while improving the human experience.

Enensa Amen

Philanthropic Creative Director

Collab with A7
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