A7 Team & Collaborators

A7 Studios collaborates with experts from Altruus Global and Future Current to bring cutting edge strategic thought and design to ventures of influence.

Enensa Amen
Creative Director
Kenji Summers | kenjisummers.com
Marketing Direction
Shantelle Allen
Project Manager
Olivia Francois
Graphic Design + Video Production
Garryl Beckford
Web Development
Mohan Kumar
Design + Web Development
Jamila Hart
Graphic + Experience Design
Tyrrell Ulerie
(Altruus Global) Business Developer
Seshmi Maat
(Altruus Global) Financial Advisor
Windsey Antoine
(Altruus Global) Project Manager
Rasheeda Frazier
(Altruus Global) Business Developer
No Sleep til Altruism explains our resolve to pair great design with social evolution.

We believe that modern industry has no shortage of design and technological innovation, but for collective social progress to occur, a new acumen is required – one that factors a deeper knowledge of cultural truth into business development. The backgrounds of our team allow us to provide a truly cutting edge solution for ventures that need to make a positive global impact as much as they need great design and tech.

Enensa Amen

Philanthropic Creative Director

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